Legacy Dental clinic is the best options for you if you are searching for affordable dental services in Dubai.

List of Affordable Dental services provided by legacy Dental Clinic:

  • General Dentistry:

We are committed to providing the high-quality dental services to all the patients. Each and every service related to the tooth is provided here with the commitment of highest quality service at affordable prices. For regular checkups of the patients at the clinic, it is really very necessary to assess the condition of the tooth before, during and after treatments so at the clinic, the facility of digital x-ray is available to diagnose any sort of problem timely. Also, the polishing and cleaning of the tooth are done here as well as inlays and onlays.

  • Endodontics:

Root canal treatment is also done at the clinic with the latest technologies, by the endodontic specialists of the clinic. Treating the pulp of the teeth is generally known as the most painful treatment but with the utilization of the latest technologies, the team members are committed to complete it in a short period of time, thus making it less painful for you.

  • Cosmetic Dentistry:

The major aim of the clinic is to maintain the best smile at your face. We want you to smile with your full confidence so that’s why you are offered cosmetic dentistry here too that is specially offered to restore your best smile and to make you smile with full confidence.  Teeth whitening and bleaching is to lighten up your teeth i.e. to remove any sort of discolorations. At the clinic, the best and latest laser technology that helps you to have the best gum coloring or gum bleaching. If you are having the problem of a gummy smile, it can also be treated with the laser here.

Another facility that is provided here at our clinic is the designing of smile using special software. With this, you will be satisfied to see the final result of your cosmetic dentistry, even before the start of any cosmetic procedure and can make desired amendments.

  • Pedodontics and conservative dentistry:

Not all the services are offered for the adults but instead, we also conscious for your child and assist you to have a healthy child by taking care of the teeth of your children. The milk teeth of your children can be saved from decay when you choose our clinic for the treatment.

The most common as well as needed tooth treatment for your child is tooth sealants that assist in the prevention of cavities inside the teeth of your children. Deciduous or milk teeth of your child are of equivalent importance as the permanent teeth so have the best milk teeth fillings by our team. Also, the fluoride treatment is offered here as well.

  • Implant dentistry:

To replace your missing teeth, our dental clinic helps you to have the best implant dentistry so that you could restore your beautiful smile within very short period of time.

  • Prosthodontics:

Our clinic also makes you available the treatments to restore missing teeth with removable as well as fixed prosthesis.

  • Braces (Invisalign):

Gone are the days of facing the embracement of wearing the traditional braces that were visible to others. Our clinic helps you to fit the series of aligners that you can wear at your desired time and those are invisible as well. It will give you the fast results as compared to the traditional braces.

  • Oral surgery:

Using the best quality as well as latest surgical instruments, we assist you in oral surgery to make sure the protection from cross infections. For tooth or wisdom tooth extraction, tissue and bone grafting as well as laser surgery, you can trust our highly qualified surgeons.