Conservative Dentistry and Pedodontics

Our team will take care of your children teeth and try to protect their milk teeth from decay, healthy teeth means healthy child.

Tooth sealants

A dental sealant is aplastic professionally applied material that is put on the chewing surfaces of back teeth of children to prevent cavities.
Sealants provide a barrier so that bacteria cannot invade the pits and fissures on the chewing surfaces of teeth.

Milk teeth fillings

Milk or deciduous teeth of your children are as important as permanent teeth.
Deciduous teeth problems if not treated can escalate and cause abscess and subsequently affect the permanent teeth.
Our kind dentists will take care of your children’s teeth and will try their best to make this

Fluoride treatment

Fluoride comes in the form of a gel or foam that is applied to the tooth surface. It has a pleasant taste and a fruity smell. It helps to prevent tooth decay by strengthening the teeth, and has shown to be most effective if applied to the teeth at least twice a year.