Oral surgery

Legacy providing dental services to fulfill all your surgical needs, using sterile instruments and surgical field to ensure your safety and protection from cross infections.

Tooth extraction

A tooth extraction is performed in order to remove a seriously damaged tooth to prevent a more serious problem or as preparation for braces or a complete denture.

Wisdom tooth extraction

Improperly erupted wisdom teeth are breeding grounds for bacteria and may cause tooth decay, sometimes even affecting the neighbouring teeth. Infection of the overlying gums can take place as well, resulting in pain and swelling.
To prevent those problems it is advisable to remove them early before the age of 25. Healing is also better during this period.

Bone and Tissue grafting

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that replaces bone with material from the patients own body, an artificial, synthetic or
natural substitute.
Tissue grafting is done by harvesting soft tissue from another part of the patients gums and placing it in the defective area.

Laser Surgery

Many surgeries are performed using lasers using less anaesthesia without bleeding and with minimal post operative pain.