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General Checkup

Get a routine dental checkup every 6 months to prevent any tooth/gum disease that might be troublesome later on.

General Dentistry

Our team of dentists believe in holistic and ethical care. From routine checkups to cleaning, fillings and root canal treatements, we cover everything that comes under the banner of general dentistry. Over 25 years of experince in dental practice in the UAE, General dentistry is what our foundation is based on. This is the most important part of your oral health. Our motto: Start the journey early and followup routinely as prevention is better than cure.

General Dentistry
Dental Implants


Implants are a method of replacing lost tooth/teeth by introducing a small screw like substance, upon which a crown is placed. Replacing a missing tooth can really help boost the confidence and functionality of an individual. Losing a tooth can directly affect aesthetics or chewing food and over time will lead to bite problems due to the neighbouring teeth moving into the lost tooth space. Implants are a long lasting solution to all of the problems stated above. At Legacy dental, our team of implantologists bring to you over a decade of experience in this field


Dental Veneers are a quick way to enhace the way your smile looks. From correcting crooked teeth to wanting a sparkling bright hollywood smile, veneers are a popular choice for anyone who wants to improve the way their smile looks

Veneer & Lumineer
Teeth Whitening, Bleaching, Scaling, Polishing


At Legacy Dental Center our motto is ‘Helping you smile through generations’. And we take this very seriously. A beautiful smile can boost your confidence and happiness level. Whitening or bleaching can transform stained/ yellow teeth into a brand new sparkling smile.

Root Canal Treatment

When a tooth decay gets very deep or an infection reaches the roots of a tooth, the only way to save that tooth is by doing a Root Canal Treatment. This treatment involves cleaning out all the decayed parts of the tooth and filling it all the way to the root tip. This may need to be augmented with a crown to avoid the tooth fracturing. At Legacy dental we do single sitting as well as multiple sitting RCT depending on the case. Our care always aims to save as much of your natural tooth as possible.

Root Canal Treatment
Prosthodonics, Crown, Bridge,


This branch of dentistry aims at returning your functionability so that your day to day activities can be as close to normal as possible. From single crowns to a bridge, a partial denture or a full denture; all aspects of replacing your tooth’s functioning surface come under this branch of dentistry. At legacy dental we have the availability of an assortment of crown material, chosen based on the tooth and the case.

Night Guard

This is a small guard that is placed on the surface of the teeth while you sleep at night. Jaw pains or clicks can be related to night grinding or clenching which can be improved with regular use of a night guard. We have the availability of a soft and a hard night guard which is custom made to suit your occlusion.

Night Guard for Jaw, TMJ
Tooth Extraction


When a tooth is decayed beyond repair, a dentist is left with no choice but to extract it. It is typically a short and precise procedure which involves removing the tooth under Local anaesthesia. There are options to replace the lost tooth immediately with an Implant depending and varying from case to case. You can discuss your entire treatment plan with our dentists and decide the best course of treatment ahead

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is a generic term that involves any dental procedure done to enhance the overall aesthetics. This can include scaling & polishing, Veneers, tooth whitening, Implants, Crown and bridge etc.

Cosmetic Dentistry