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Night Guard

Night guard or an occlusal splint is an appliance that is placed on the surface of the teeth while you sleep. It can be called a night guard/ dental guard/ bite guard. This appliance is now considered as a regular dental requirement. It is especially recommended for people who grind their teeth at night.

People clench or grind their teeth due to various reasons such as stress, anxiety, gut issues, improper teeth alignment amongst others. This can in turn lead to Jaw pains or clicks and soreness and pain while chewing. Teeth grinding can eventually lead to abrasion and loss of tooth structure which can be the catalyst for series od dental problems. Hence our dentists advise that you use a night guard if you suspect that you are grinding at night.

The process is a fairly simple one. The dentist will take an impression at your visit after which they fabricate a hard or soft guard based on your requirements. Remember to wash your guard thoroughly after use and always keep it clean.