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Root Canal Treatment


When a tooth decay or ‘cavity’ becomes very deep and the infection reaches the pulp or the
inner most part of the tooth, the only way to save the tooth is by doing a root canal treatment.

A root canal treatment (RCT) means cleaning the canals of the tooth (inside the root) and filling them up with a medicated restorative material. All the decayed parts of the tooth need to cleaned out (inside and out) and when the infection around the tooth subsides, it can be filled and restored.

In some cases, this can be done as a single sitting RCT/ or on the same day. If the infection is a lot, a root canal treatment may be done in multiple visits.
It is mostly a painless procedure and the only way to save a badly decayed tooth. In cases where the tooth is beyond repair, it would need to be extracted and then replaced with an implant, a bridge or a partial denture.

Most root canal treated teeth would need a crown as the tooth becomes very weak due to
massive decay and may fracture. In some cases, the tooth structure may need to be augmented with a post inside it to give it extra support and strength.

The first few days after a RCT a tooth maybe sensitive however this will subside with time. Try and visit your dentist even if you feel the slightest of toothache to avoid reaching a
unrepairable, unsavable point for your tooth.

Our care always aims to save your natural tooth and try and retain that before exploring other options.